Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions answered.

Is HomeSquad staffed to do everything my home needs?

HomeSquad has a team of in-house experts and a network of carefully chosen partner providers to get whatever you need done – whether it involves your home’s major systems (HVAC, Electric, Plumbing), construction or roofing, insulation, clean up – you name it. Big or small one call gets it all done.

Is HomeSquad insured?

HomeSquad, and any partner we bring into your home is fully trained, certified or licensed and insured to service the item they are assigned to in your home.

Does HomeSquad provide materials and supplies?

Our HomeCare Complete product includes all standard maintenance needs (filters, batteries, lightbulbs, freshener, etc.) for the tasks included in your plan.

Will HomeSquad obtain any supplies and materials that are needed for my repair or planned improvement?

Yes. HomeSquad will estimate material and supply costs for your project and then bill actual expenditures as they are incurred.

Do I need to be home when HomeSquad visits my home?

No, this is at your discretion. HomeSquad will proactively notify you when we expect to be at your home. If you confirm our expected time we will complete the required tasks regardless of whether or not you are home.

Do I need to provide HomeSquad with a key/code to access my home?

Only if you do not intend to be home when service is required and feel comfortable doing so.

Can I cancel my plan?

You may cancel at any time, and unused handyman hours are credited back to you.

Can I upgrade my home maintenance plan?

You can upgrade your plan at any time and your monthly fee will be adjusted accordingly.

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